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          Position:Home Page → Company news
          Zhou Qinfu, Standing Committee of Wenchang Municipal Consultative Conference, Hainan, Suggestion: Create Tilapia Origin Brand and Build Wenchang Tilapia Green Industry
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            Zhou QinfuChairman and General Manager of Hainan Qinfu Industrial Co.Ltd.Standing Committee of Wenchang Municipal Committee of Hainan Municipal Consultative Conferencesaid that the government should concentrate on supporting the development of superior tilapia industryencourage and support tilapia processing enterprises to update testing equipmentand cope with the rising testing standards of various countries. Various measures should be taken to activate private investmentbroaden financing channels and increase agricultural credit support for tilapia farming.

            Zhou Qinfu said that the government should pay great attention to the quality of tilapia cultureorganize relevant departments and experts to study tilapia cultureespecially the problems of diseasesmedication standardsstandardization of breeding and other topicsand formulate relevant policies to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials from the source.

            Zhou Qinfu said that Wenchang tilapia geographical indications and regional trademark registration of Wenchang tilapia should be promoted to create green and ecological tilapia brands. It is very helpful for Wenchang tilapia to establish its unique market position. It will also have a positive impact on enhancing domestic consumers'recognition and recognition of Hainan aquatic productsand help the sustainable development of tilapia industry in our city.

            Zhou Qinfu said that leading enterprises are the main operators of tilapia industrialization. He suggested that the government should give preferential treatment to leading enterprises in Tilapia breeding and processingsuch as Hainan Qinfu Food Co.Ltd. and Wenchang Shengsheng Fish and Turtle Seedling Farmin terms of policiesfunds and taxationso as to make them develop and strengthen their industry driving capacity and improve the level of tilapia industrialization.

            Zhou Qinfu said that to create a new pattern of tilapia leisure industry is to further optimize the development of tilapia industry in our city and extend the direction of tilapia brand. It is suggested that the government and enterprises jointly create a new type of tilapia leisure industry mode combining local cultureethnic customs and cultural relicsintegrating leisuresightseeingfishingtasting and water recreation into oneand then enhancing the reputationpopularity and added value of tilapia products in our city from various perspectives.

          Source: Wenchang NewspaperOverseas Chinese Township

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